About Us

I started Iyaxine as an active duty member of the United states Navy and a single mother. In those roles I happily served my country and my daughter. While I enjoyed my roles, I was highly stressed to the point where I started to develop health problems. Having these problems affected my work life balance and as single mother I didn't have much time for myself. I didn't have enough time to myself. The most relaxing place I've been in was the spa. Everytime I went I felt so rejuvenated after I left. I was revitilized and focused. I wanted to have the same experience everyday in my home. At night when I have time, I would develop handmade products similar to the spa. It was a convient way for me to get a relaxation experience at home while also getting the ultimate skincare and relaxation. Our mission is to provide great quality handmade products that are all natural without persevatives. We want to give you the ultimate relaxation right in the comfort of your own home. Iyaxine is the place to provide this service. Here at Iyaxine we we value self-care and self love.


  • Janeya